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Keyboard and Quill

StarTree, hosts of Real-Time Analytics Summit

Keyboard and Quill is a playful, narrative podcast exploring data and technology through time. Co-hosted by Silicon Valley database startup veterans, Tim Berglund and Rachel Pedreschi, and inspired by the soundscapes of NPR’s award-winning Radiolab, Keyboard and Quill is a lively look at how we went from the wheel to the smartphone–from the printing press to the complex data ecosystems powering our modern lives. Tim and Rachel combine their own research with interviews they've conducted with academics, technologists, co-founders, software engineers, and other Silicon Valley professionals. Season 1: March-May 2024. 

Keyboard and Quill is produced by StarTree (founded by the original creators of Apache Pinot™), hosts of Real-Time Analytics Summit, and creators of Tim’s podcast for data professionals, “Real-Time Analytics with Tim Berglund.”